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Partitions pour pedal steel

Pedal Steel Guitar Songbook: For E9 Tuning Supplement to Any Pedal Steel Guitar Method + cd

16.41 €

Toby Wine: Cool Pedal Steel Licks For Guitar. Partitions pour Tablature Guitare, Guitare

Pedal Steel is what puts the Twang de country music. But if you thought you couldn't get that down-home Sound without the use of an actual Pedal Steel Guitar - Think again .
Cool Pedal Steel licks for guitar gives you the instruction you need to sound just like a Steeler on an electric guitar .
You'll learn essential techniques such as Bends of all shapes and sizes, Chordal slides, and Volume swells. And Then There are dozens of licks in different Country flavours, as well as 11 Full solos, so you can try out your new skills .
Open Up cool Pedal Steel licks for guitar and start twanging today .

67.28 €

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